Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pope’s letter protects church, not its victims

Excellent post of Michael Nugent:

1. The Pope’s main priority is to protect the church, not its victims

2. The Pope wrongly blames secularism for priests raping children

3. The Pope’s apologies are incomplete and his appeals are self-serving

4. The Pope’s “concrete initiatives” are a distraction not a solution

5. The Pope is evading the church’s responsibilities to civic society


  1. I'll take your word for it, as I don't feel like reading the letter. Looks like a good analysis, though.

  2. The Pope and the Magisterium never cared about clergy abuse victims. Their actions prove the hollowness of their rhetoric. The Catholic Church will only change its policies if it is forced to do so by outside pressure.

    I was delighted to hear about Belgian police raiding a Catholic diocese a few weeks ago. Finally, someone is showing the church that it is NOT above the law!